Community Partners

Did You Know?

Parents are invited to attend and participate in the following special events and/or programs.

  • Ohio State University Extension Expanded Nutrition Program
  • American Red Cross
  • Ohio Benefit Bank
  • Real Eyes Vision Program

Network Community Partners

  1. Boys and Girls Club of America
  2. Children’s Hunger Alliance (Provides hot meals for after school programs)
  3. Donna DeMay (private donor-donates clothes, food, and uniforms every year to the school)
  4. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Program
  5. Girl Scouts
  6. Hannah's House
  7. KB’s Dawg House (Hosts a winter coat drive)
  8. Kohl’s Cares for Kids (Nutrition and/or physical education programs)
  9. Lions Club (Invites our students with disabilities to their annual Christmas Party)
  10. Little Free Library
  11. Millcreek Metro Parks (Offers field trips to the school)
  12. Mobile Dentist
  13. Ohio Benefit Bank
  14. OH Wow! (Offers workshops that bring science to the kindergarten students)
  15. OSU Extension (Provides a 10-week program that offers knowledge of nutrition and awareness. A partnership with OSU Extension and St. Pat’s Church allowed students to plant and maintain two small garden plots.
  16. PANDA Junior Camp ( a youth led, adult guided drug prevention program for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students)
  17. Phantoms (Phantoms Hockey promotes health and wellness to students of the community by hosting a school day game)
  18. PsyCare ( PsyCare counselors and social workers are housed in the school)
  19. Real Eyes (Real Eyes offers eye health presentations for grades k-3)
  20. Saint Vincent De Paul (Offers food for weekender students)
  21. Scrappers (The Mahoning Valley Scrappers Reading Club encourages our students to set and reach goals in reading)
  22. Alex Simon of Simon Construction (Donates manpower and food to weekender students)
  23. Soles of Luv (Provides students with shoes and socks)
  24. St. Pat’s Community Outreach (Provides volunteers for school events and food for weekender students. 
  25. Warrior Time (South Side afters chool program that offers students dinner, homework assistance, and  academically and physically based programs
  26. WOW Wellness on Fitness
  27. YUMADAOP (Youngstown Urban Minority and Drug Abuse Outreach Program) (YUMADAOP educators service our youth in grades 6-9 in prevention education classes every week)

Community Engagement Specialist

For questions concerning community engagement or our partners, please contact the following personnel:

Sandy Calvert, Director, Community Services,