Fire Truck Visit


On Friday, 27 October, East Bridge Academy students were  visited by the Columbus Fire Department, for a chat with three fire-fighters, and a look at the engine and all the equipment. Students were entertained by watching their teachers don the official fire-fighter uniform and equipment, and they also got to climb aboard. 

The students learned what the  fire men do in a fire. They learned the importance of timing in putting on all the required material. They were able to look through the camera to see how firemen are able to determine where the hot spots are so they stay safe. The realized the importance of the job our fire men do everyday to save lives! These experiences allow our students to see beyond their normal lives and to also understand there are opportunities available to them.

 The Fire Captain answered a lot of good questions, and also gave some sound advice to students who might consider becoming a firefighter. This was a really nice experience, as it reminded out kids how to stay safe, and also that those who protect us have a really important job to do. The kids were visibly enthusiastic about this visit. 

Joseph Bennett