Test Results

East Bridge Academy of Excellence accurately measures the progress of all students in order to provide them with the differentiated learning that is required to increase academic achievement. From the results of the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA) to Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) to STAR scores, students at East Bridge Academy of Excellence is experiencing growth. The accomplishments are a result of the students’ hard work and highlight the impact that the EEG education model and invested staff have upon student excellence.


The early literacy scores have increased for East Bridge Academy of Excellence including the fact that 64.3% of students met/exceeded the state mandated cut score of 263 for the language/literacy portion of the KRA for fall 2016 to winter 2017. The results below highlighting continually increasing scores speak to effective instruction and curriculum.



East Bridge Kindergarten students experienced an 11.1% increase in Early Literacy scores from the fall to winter test administration.

East Bridge Grade 3 student scores increased 20.6% in reading from the fall to winter test administration. 

East Bridge Grade 5 student saw a 22.1% increase from the fall to winter test administration in math.